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K Syndrome

From the past five or more years the K syndrome has dominated the idiot box and has prompted many more such production houses to follow suit and make similar, repeated and boring family dramas with never ending episodes.

Mihir jaroor wapas ayega, so many re-births, the grand old lady of the serial, Ba is 200 years old if we go by the generations and actors that have added to the serial, the Virani women have the most gaudy of wardrobes and make up sets. Its Anurag once and another time its Mr Bajaj, the daughter in law wins sometimes and the motherinlaw the others. Its not only these two charechters fighting over silly matters the whole family is fighting with each other and then there is one ridiculously dressed con woman who is the wamp of the whole serial, sh eplots and plots and plots schemes which win sometimes and loose the other times. There are love stories which have good startings but end up being another run of the mill serial. There are stories of young women with dreams …