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My Papa-My daddy-Strongesht.. na na-i mean it!!

You know what makes my dad the best, yeah yeah, go on, make fun of me; say things like, heres another school girl, trying to participate in one of those Muqabalas "my daddy's strongesht". Its ok! Laugh at me, but i have to say this. 
He really is the best, not because he is my dad or something. He is the best for all people who know him, to his nephews, nieces, friends, business associates, acquaintances, his customers at the restaurant, his staff, people who have known him forever, people who just meet him or just anybody. There is something about his personality which really is so attractive, so pleasing, so alluring and so magnanimous. I for one, never got hit by papa, thank god for that, otherwise the Karate Champ would have really punched me hard, Just in case... Actually my brother too didn't get any memorable beating by him, nothing that we remember. 
Other than the several several good and extra ordinary qualities that he has, the most striking and i think whic…